Agustin Houlgrave Web Developer A web developer logging his journey through this awesome place called Internet. Working for Hosco atm in Barcelona, Spain.


Been working on internet-related stuff since before finishing high school. The idea of being able to play around with "sharing" stuff betweek people amazed me.
I remember when I started learing PHP: I was in high school. I loved computer classes, and this one teacher, he named "PHP" as a programming language, so I went back home and typed "How to code in php". For me, it was a one-way ticket, or course.
Since then, I did nothing but learn about different technologies of the internet. It lead me to amazing experiences and to meet awesome people who are as passionate about these things as I am.

I discovered that documenting your experiences is a win-win: You get to reinforce your knowledge and at the same time, what you write can be helpful for other people.
It also generates debate within the community, which is always good.


PHP Bear Project

A minimum php application skeleton that just bridges a PSR-11 container with a routing component to make low-level high-scalable code to be used for any project.




November 2016 - Full-Stack Developer @ Hosco
May 2010 - November 2016 Full-Stack Developer @ Municipalidad de Almirante Brown
2007 - 2010 Full-Stack Developer @ ADB Estudio